I haven't been following the gaming industry since I deleted all relevant feeds from Google Reader but recently my roommate went out of his way to pick up Scribblenauts which looks amazing! With such a seemingly open-ended game flow I wonder if the developers ever felt overwhelmed by the concept. I wish there was an option to draw the object rather than typing it in. That would've made it much easier to port globally too.

A few days ago Ars Technica reviewed Gran Turismo PSP. This was the game I originally purchased the PSP for during launch. I held onto the it for as long as I could but when GT PSP never materialized I became so disgusted with it and Sony in general that I spoofed the PS3 ads. I even traded my PSP for a Nintendo DS and never looked back. Sony has this misconception that technology rules and content doesn't which is weird since so many of their hardware decisions were always hampered by their Sony Music content arm overlords.

So now that the price cut has brought the PS3 to manageable levels, and with the re-release of both platforms through the PS3 Slim and PSP Go does this signal a rebirth? What do the Sony faithful out there think?