During my run this morning an elderly woman walked in front of me outside the village I always stop at to stretch. Curious as to what she was doing with the bag of garbage in her hand I gave her a head start then started jogging after her. Around the bend she stopped and simply tossed her garbage off to the side of the road then turned around and walked back to the village. I stood over the spot where she launched her bag of garbage from and saw nothing but trash covering the ground, some still sealed in colorful plastic bags. I guess I now know where much of that litter on the side of the road comes from.

I brought this up with my father during breakfast and was told that the government doesn’t have the money to provide sanitation services to all the villages in the countryside. When I stated that it seemed unfair, and brought up the villagers’ taxes (where does the money go?), he told me most villagers live on some sort of welfare so they aren’t exactly being scammed out of their taxes.

Passing judgment from my life of luxury it would be nice if the villagers set up a land-fill area rather than choosing a random spot on the side of the road to dispose their trash but they have more important things to worry about like where they are getting their next meal from. From the highway I sometimes see farmers burning refuse nearby their huts. Though it contributes to CO2 levels I almost prefer this over seeing bits of garbage all over the land.