I’m not even sure where to begin with this, from what I heard India is much worse, but drivers here in China would give anyone road-rage. People on bikes, mopeds and motorcycles dart out of every conceivable nook you can think of cutting you off without so much as a glimpse in your direction. Every driver seems to operate in their own world where they are seemingly invincible.

Hah! You know of the stories about ‘lines’ not existing in China? The same can be said of the motor-vehicles. If you leave any space around you, other drivers will try to cut you off. Even if you are traveling at speed, people will turn onto the road from driveways without any consideration forcing you to stomp on the brakes.

On single lane roads slow mopeds and even cyclists will take up the center of the lane. Instead of hugging the side of the road to let you pass they expect you to swerve onto oncoming traffic to get around them. I’ve even seen cyclists riding three abreast blocking traffic. I assume they want you to hit them so they can sue and collect.

Taishan City seems averse to traffic lights though the few they have managed to snag me blowing through them by accident twice so far (¥100 each ticket). How can you blow through a light by accident? Because they don’t have a red light. When it’s a signal to turn left, there’s only that signal and no red instructing you to stop if you are traveling straight. Roundabouts DO NOT WORK. They are a pain in the ass and especially with the aggressive driving in these parts it’s a nightmare. To get around them you basically have to put your blinders on and drive like one of them. Go and pray that people will stomp on the brakes for you.

Driving at night?
Be prepared to be blinded. Drivers leave their high beams on permanently. Not an issue in the states since I can just peer down onto the road in front of me and follow the embedded reflectors. They don’t have that here and there is a real risk of hitting a cyclist since they never have reflectors.

But hey look at me applying a double standard here. I don’t even have a license and I’ve been driving around. I’d never do this in any other country but the cops basically can’t be bothered with such trivial matters. They have much more important things to do like being wine-and-dined.