Popped in on these two pop-up shops in NYC recently =P.

Both were pretty cool, but I couldn't get past the Vitaminwater10 branding. What a total sham... I took a look at one of the many mini-bottles of Vitaminwater10 that I downed during my visit and saw that the bottle had 15 calories, not 10. It's 10 calories per serving, but a mini bottle has 1.5 servings whereas a regular bottle has 2.5 servings. So... Vitaminwater10 is really Vitaminwater25. Googled it and found the following analysis at Wallet Pop. Anyway thought the wall forming the 10 was cool (see photo on the left). The intake and exhaust fans in the light cabinet made me recall the days of PC building. Never has airflow been so important on a personal level.

The RocPopShop in my neighborhood incorporated a totally different atmosphere than the Vitaminwater one. Vitaminwater was bright, tall ceiling and airy. RocPopShop was dark, cozier and utilized more textures. I really liked the edges of the glass shelves which incorporated the reptilian skin texture that was in the background. The security guards were also very nice and engaging. Definitely +1 to RocPopShop, D-ASH Design did a great job with what they had to work with.

Additional photos on my Flickr stream.