Finally sat down to type up my notes from two of the more insightful panels I've been to recently.

The first was held at the Behance offices as part of Creative Week. 'Make Ideas Happen' was a small group session where we discussed issues we were dealing with as creatives. Scott introduced a few concepts that I thought were insightful. According to my notes, I sometimes suffer from idea-to-idea syndrome where I generate a ton of ideas and never take the time to develop them. In the future, to deal with it, I should provide a week of skepticism before I act on it. At that point, I should either reject the idea or commit to it and decide on a ship date and work backwards, breaking it down to action steps. Problem is, I feel like I'm missing out if I don't pursue every single idea...

Related to idea-to-idea syndrome, Scott introduced me to the 'project plateau' when I made a comment about how I loved conceptualizing, but as I work on an idea and bring it through to production I find myself having a harder time concentrating on the project. This is because at the conceptualizing stage, the excitement level is high, but as you go into production, the excitement level drops and plateaus. New ideas start at a high excitement level which takes away my attention from the production aspects of a previous idea.

Another concept Scott mentioned was the categorization of people into three buckets; dreamers, doers and incrementalists. I don't like to call myself a dreamer since I prided myself on getting things done back in high school, college. But as time goes by, I find myself jumping between the dreamer stage and doer stage. So I guess I'm an incrementalist who leans heavily to the dreamer side of things. I need to stop dreaming so much.

I did a quick search and found others who had attended conferences where Scott, the CEO of Behance lectured at. Here are notes from SXSW, a video from SXSW and some background information on Behance and what their Action Method is all about.

Fast Talk: McG
That evening I attended Fast Talk: McG at Fast Company's headquarters. I was lucky enough to be looking over the updates in TweetDeck and saw that @fastcompany was offering tickets to the event to the first ten responders. McG, the director of the upcoming Terminator movie and Fast Company's May 2009 cover story was surprisingly friendly, engaging and full of entertaining stories. Catch clips of the talk here. Looking forward to a sneak preview of the movie on Wednesday night, thanks Visa signature!