Caught the NYC showing of Objectified a month ago and though I loved the film, I thought it was a bit short. One of the more interesting bits in the movie was their interview with Naoto Fukasawa (I think best known for his Muji CD player while working at IDEO) who described his process for the W11K cellphone.
Deciding that conventional cellphones were uncomfortable to hold, he hit upon the subtly angular shape of the W11K cellphone by remembering the reassuring feeling of grasping a freshly peeled potato in water.

Cool. But what really got me was the faceted form of the phone which totally brought to mind, the HTC Diamond series. Wonder if the W11K inspired the industrial designers at One & Co.

Oh Karim Rashid was also in the audience (and film) and took part in a pretty entertaining Q&A afterwards. Caught his guest curated exhibition, Totally Rad: Karim Rashid Does Radiators at MAD and thought it was pretty neat. Wish I had use for those sick looking radiators.