It’s been a week since I got here and this morning was the first time I was able to will myself out for a run. I briefly glanced over my destination (a small village to the north) a few days ago while checking out the surrounding area via Google Maps Satellite. View the route here: Gmaps Pedometer.

You’d think the countryside would offer fantastic air, but every time a truck passed by I was choking on its exhaust. I don’t think they believe in catalytic converters out here. I tried taking big gulps of air whenever I heard one coming up behind me so I wouldn’t have to breathe until the exhaust dissipated out in front of me.

The run there wasn’t bad, but I did feel a little stiff and my left shin was really tight. At the turnaround point I stopped for a few minutes to stretch, felt a bit uncomfortable when a villager walked up his driveway and circled me. The run back felt better but I didn’t notice the gentle slope down on the run there so the return leg felt like eternity at some points.

Hope I’ll be able to keep this up since it’ll be my only form of exercise. My father removed the hotel gym a month ago because no one used it and the equipment was getting rusty. Sounds like the local Dragon Boat festival is not going to happen this year either so paddling is out of the question.