The most EPIC snowboarding trip EVER!

It's been over a week since I've been back so details are already a little hazy at this point. Rather than go into my usual anal retentive post covering every single aspect of the trip I'm going to borrow Edda's list and merely expand on it. Most of my detailed write-up of each mountain can be found in my Snowbook.
  • 100 inches of snow
  • 3 Broken Ribs (Tim @ Powder Mountain)
  • 1 Punctured and Bruised Lung (Tim, see above)
  • Broken Tibia and Fibula (Will @ Snowbird)
  • 1 Busted Lip (Elmo returning from Brighton)
  • 100 inches of snow
  • Busted Arbor board (Jack, not sure which mountain)
  • 3 runs to the hospital
  • Did I mention 100 inches of snow!!!
  • Untouched powder... everywhere!

On this trip to Utah, though we stayed at an awesome condo at the Canyons Resort, we never rode at that resort or nearby Park City. We did drive up north to the Huntsville area to ride at Snow Basin and Powder Mountain which I feel are the top two mountains in Utah. Big Cottonwood's Brighton Resort is a distant third.

Snow Basin is really glitzy, most amazing lodges I've ever seen and their lift system is impressive. The mountain is no slouch coming in larger than Snowbird and Alta combined. Powder Mountain is the direct opposite of Snow Basin. The lodges look like something you could've built during booth, the lifts are few and slow as hell but the mountain is totally worth it. I also got to do my first CAT tracks there and pulled my first few BS360's on this trip (first one was at Snow Basin).

I was hoping to get a few more days in back on the East Coast but it looks like we are done, so Utah was a fantastic end to the season. The trip also inspired me to pick up a powder board; ended up with the Burton Fish in 156cm and since the Hero was back in stock at Sierra I grabbed a 152cm. Surprisingly, white EST bindings in medium are incredibly hard to find so I ended up buying the Magenta Madness Cartels off of Ashy Larry on the Burton forums.

On a final note, I had to retire my F20s at the end of the trip. The left boot was on its last legs a few days into the trip. The pull string on the tongue snapped on me and portions of the laces were coming apart. The boots served me well, loved the styling and they travelled with me to South America and Japan. Great memories. Have a pair of new F20 SLCT's ready to go for next year though the color scheme is a little wack.

Additional Photos:
Bao's Photo Set, Will's Photo Set, Edda's Photo Set


At 5:27 AM, Anonymous Seran said...

Hey dude,
I am interested on your magenta madness binding. Can you sell these bindings and you can buy a pair of brand new 2009 white medium est bindings?
What is your price for them?
email to sceyhun(ed)noos.fr please..


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