I returned home from San Francisco to find the Soundwave Mighty Mugg awaiting me courtesy of Natisha. I think it was one of her many purchases earlier in the week as part of the Kang Family's Stimulus package. Lauren got herself the Chewbacca one which has some really great box art, I love the top flap! Haven't really been following the Mighty Muggs much, came across them at Forbidden Planet a few days before I left for San Francisco but chose not to drop any of my ever dwindling cash supply on Soundwave. I guess Natisha does listen because she got my favorite Transformer right! 2 eProps for her. Maybe if I repeat Burton Hero enough to her I'll come back from Utah with one on my bike rack =P.

I just Googled Mighty Mugg and it seems like a pretty successful mass market entry into the vinyl toy arena by one of the big dogs, Hasbro. I'm not a vinyl toy collector myself so I wonder if there's actually any backlash from the community. Either way, when that GI Joe movie comes out, the already badass Snake-Eyes should be FLYING OFF the shelves. Look at him. He's so badass every part of his body is covered lest the awesomeness peek through and knock you out.

This might be bad for me in the long run if I ever decide to go the custom route. Check out the awesome customized Muggs at CustomMightyMuggs.net and MuggLab.

On another note, Natisha's sisters think I take princesses as prisoners and roll barrels towards mustached plumber for fun. Thanks ladies!

Update: Check out this creative use for the Wolverine Mighty Mugg!