Before I write about my fantastic trip out to San Francisco, thought I'd go through all my drafts and get them out of the way first.

Golden Ratio: The golden ratio / rectangle was introduced to architecture students early on, probably during my first year. It never crossed my mind that it could be applied to the web as well. One of my favorite sites, Nettuts (part of the Tuts+ network), has a short explanation on how it applies to web design. You really just have to remember the magic number, 1.62, and to get you started, why not just apply the ratio to your photo crops whenever you post one up? The location of your subjects may not play nicely with the 1.62 cropping but it's worth a shot to get you in the groove. I always wondered how the widescreen aspect ratio came to be and why it wasn't based on the Golden Ratio, and if you ever wondered that as well, wiki is here for you.

Typography: As a typo n00b I still struggle all the time when picking out fonts for various applications whether they be a logo design or some other non-web based piece. I've been using a program I mentioned previously called NexusFont. Flipping Typical is a web-based font picker that does something similar to NexusFont, so if you aren't a fan of launching another app and having it index your fonts, then check out the site.

De monsters shows you the more lighthearted outcomes of having monsters in our midst combining character animation with live action clips. Amusing.

Thom Glick has pulled off something I've considered but never managed to execute, posting up an illustration every day, I'm digging his style.

Probably sick of hearing about the whole AP and Shepard Fairey controversy surrounding the Obama Poster so this will probably be my one and only mention of it. Tom Gralish at The Inquirer posted up a lengthy entry which I assume is an all encompassing write-up of the issue.

PingMag went on hiatus =[. This blog was such a great resource for me when I was in Japan for two months. It basically covered everything of interest to me; design, architecture, culture, etc. If you ever find yourself in Japan, consult the archives of this blog to find noteworthy things to see outside the usual tourist traps.

Objectified premiered down in Texas at SXSW. I wasn't there to catch it but Jeremy did and gave the following review:
Objectified was pretty good, much like Helvetica but not as focused or thorough. It still kept that "design history class" feel to it. I did love the look of the film- it was beautifully shot. Also, I really liked the soundtrack, I would like to get a copy of it!

So who wants to catch the April 9th showing in NYC?