A terrible title, but a great looking car (the A5/S5) built by a company on a roll.

On the drive back from Kirkwood yesterday we followed what we thought was an A5 onto the freeway only to discover that it was an A4. I haven't been following the automotive scene for a while and had no idea the A4 had been updated with a similar rear end to the A5. The A5/S5 is definitely the best looking Audi ever, coming from a non-Audi fan its a meaningless statement, I know. But let me put it this way... I've lost interest in cars for a while because I know I'll never need one in NYC, the whole recession (or 'reorder' as some people have called it) along with the green movement will make cars as we know it obsolete (whether that's a decade or two from now, in the end, the combustion engine is a goner) and yet, the A5/S5 has managed to catch my interest enough for me to look up the specs, reviews and pricing. That's how powerful the design is... sure there are better performing cars in its price range, but MPG has overtaken 0-60 in terms of importance (would still like to keep the handling aspects important though), and there are gorgeous super cars out there but they are out of reach so I lose interest in them as soon as one of them passes by me.

I kept reading and it looks like Audi is on a roll. They just posted record numbers while cross-country rival BMW took a nose dive. Their interactive annual report is beastly, check it out! I'm not a fan of the narrator's voice. Sounds like he's trying too hard. Reminds me of Redd Pepper who was on an episode of Fifth Gear this past season, but I would have preferred Redd to whoever the existing narrator is.

Don't forget to DVR this Friday's Truth in 24 on ESPN at 8pm EST! The story centers on Audi's 2008 effort at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And if you are interested in test driving a Q5 (I know, not as exciting as the S5) then you might be in luck if your city is listed on the Audi Driving Experience site. I miss these driving events, way better atmosphere than having to step into a dealership. For the NYers reading, I'll probably be signing up for the Sunday that it's offered...