Droog is awesomeness distilled. Lost track of the number of times I said WOW.

The NY blogsphere has been on fire over yesterday's opening of Droog in SoHo. Given all the commotion I figured it was worth a visit. But before we dive into the main topic, I just wanted to mention two interesting galleries I dropped in on enroute to Droog.

Animazing has a pretty long history. Established in 1984, I'm surprised I haven't run into it prior to today. What drew me in was the huge PEANUTS painting by Tom Everhart in the window. Once inside I was blown away by work from other artists in their roster especially David Kracov's shadow boxes which reminded me of the shoebox dioramas we used to make in elementary school. If anyone is interested, the owner there offered me a discount on Kracov's work if I purchased something this weekend. Unfortunately, no Alex Ross works were displayed. The second gallery, William Bennett, was featuring Salvador Dalí's work, so if you are a fan, swing on by! I liked Dalí's Le Christ print. Anyway, onto Droog!

The interior isn't that unique compared to some of the other interiors in SoHo. I will give credit to them for the integration of the product / fixtures with the interior which isn't done much. Anyway, the product photos on the website do no justice to the actual products. Seeing them in situ gives you much more of an appreciation for the wittiness of the designs. My personal favorites?
  • Marcel Wanders' Birdhouse, yes why can't avians eat off fine china?
  • Do hit chair by Marijn van der Poll, will there be a 'Do it chair', nyuk nyuk nyuk.
  • The Push and store cabinet by Chung-Tang Ho / Tong reminds me of the Pin Art boxes.
  • Heavy lightweight by Bas Warmoeskerken which looks much better in person. Then again I'm a sucker for carbon fiber weave.
  • Mario Minale's Red blue Lego chair would've been cooler if it was structurally sound without the metal frame.
  • Absolutely blown away by the Indonesian craftsmanship of the Godogan table by Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe. Thought it was cut in some way by laser when I came upon it.
If you are in NYC, it is TOTALLY worth your time to check it out. I'll probably be back there early next week since Klitty's going to be in town.