As a youngster I used to look forward to the Lunar New Year. Free money in red envelopes, firecracker shells covered the streets and the lion dances were always cool to watch if not repetitive. Since moving to Jersey I rarely came back out to see the festivities. Especially with the ban on fireworks the festival has been pretty boring.

This afternoon I attended a Lunar New Year luncheon for an association my family makes regular donations to. When I saw the lion dancers walk in, I thought to myself, oh great, here we go again, the same old crap again. Not so! Check out the video above for a crappy recording of their entertaining performance. The guys totally killed it in terms of characterization. The facial movements, tail movements and prancing, best lion dance performance I've ever seen in NYC.

For the record though, you'll find AMAZING performances by Chinese and Malaysian troupes online. True acrobats.