Heinz released news a week or two ago about their mildly redesigned ketchup label. Normally that wouldn't warrant much coverage, but considering the fact that I spent five years living in Pittsburgh, I thought I'd devote some space to one of Pittsburgh's ruling families / companies.

What may be a big deal is the fact that after 110 years, they finally removed the pickle from the label, Heinz started out with horseradish, followed by pickles, then tomatoes. They also removed the tagline, "America's Favorite" because obviously to be a favorite you need to have other choices and I don't ever recall seeing another ketchup brand. Seriously.

Wish they tried harder on that Photoshop mockup of the new label though... oh, Natisha just informed me that the reason the label is that particular shape (keystone) is because of Pennsylvania being the keystone state. Huzzah! Learn something new everyday.