For the most part, I've liked Chris Bangle's 'flame surfacing' design language. The only bit that really fell flat was the original rear of the E65 7 series, the "Bangle Butt" which they were forced to tone down in the model's midlife revision.

Ever since Gary Hustwit's follow up to Helvetica the Documentary Film was announced, I've been checking up on the film's website pretty regularly. Titled Objectified, the documentary on industrial design will be making its debut in a little under two months. So why write about it now? Because their blog just put up a pretty good quote by Bangle who has been ostracized in the past about his unconventional automotive design language.
Probably the thing that irks me the most [in car design] is when I see this repetition of the known, because it shows people have comfort zones that are too tight to themselves and they’re really afraid to walk out of those. And then somebody comes up with a new idea, and then everybody follows that because their comfort zone has been expanded. The work that we’ve done in the last ten years has been about expanding those comfort zones. -Chris Bangle