Was in Puerto Rico the last couple of days for Sergio and Bea's wedding. I was looking forward to the wedding (about time guys!) but was not looking forward to leaving the snow covered streets of NYC. Anyway PR wasn't bad at all, extremely relaxing and laid back aside from the San Sebastián Street Festival which was absolutely nuts. It never got too hot and the empanadas helped me pass the time outside of the various wedding activities.

Accommodations: Shipei, Steve and John Yu rented an apartment close to the hotel so on the first night Tomo and I crashed there. Of all the places to rent in PR, they somehow found the apartment located above a Chinese grocery store. I had a pleasant chat with the owner, looks like there's about 6,000 or so Chinese in PR but it's so spread out there's nothing close to a Chinatown there. I figure that street would make a good starting point since there was a Japanese restaurant and Chinese restaurant in addition to the grocery store on that block.

The rest of our stay was spent at the Caribe Hilton which had an amazing view (when it wasn't raining out). However the staff there were pretty lazy about things. Reserving the room took more effort than it should have (does anyone pick up the phone or answer emails?), we never got our confirmation until Bea went there in person to ask for them and checking in took a good 10 minutes of me shuffling from counter to counter.

Sergio and Bea's Wedding went off without a hitch, as expected from someone like Bea. The day after the reception though, Bea looked like she hit the 4am wall in studio, she was pretty delirious =P. Will post photos and more info whenever Tomo posts the photos up.

Flights to and from Puerto Rico were interesting to say the least. While on the AirTrain to JFK, we got wind of the US Airways Flight 1549. Naturally none of the news site had information, had to get my info off my Twitter feed. Upon landing in PR, the crowd erupted into an applause. At first I wasn't sure if it was because of the actions of Flight 1549's pilot that made the passengers show appreciation for our own crew or if it was just a PR custom. Turns out it was the latter.

While waiting at the gate for my flight back to NYC I was called to the check-in counter. Some lady was requesting an aisle seat and the attendant asked if I was willing to give it up. Sure what the hell, it's a short flight, there are worse things in the world.

While waiting on line at the gate, they were repeatedly asking for volunteers to stay a night in return for a $200 voucher. I considered it for a brief moment, but the snow coming down in NYC ultimately made me get on the plane... sure I can't ride the snow but I definitely want to be around when it's coming down.

Musical Chairs: After boarding, I was about to sit down when the person next to me asked me if I was willing to switch seats with her husband so they could sit together. The lady in front of me who had originally switched seats with me to get an aisle seat smiled and said something about her not having to feel guilty anymore since I was back in an aisle seat. Sure why not, so I moved up and again, right after making myself comfortable, the guy sitting next to me made a similar request... so long story short, everyone had a good laugh and after moving three times, I made it to the 14th row. Musical chairs! I don't get why people are so particular about seats on a flight, it's not as if you are living in it.

The fun didn't end there... in the midst of approaching the runway for landing, we all got pushed back into our seats when our pilot sped up and gained altitude. Apparently there was a plane in front of us that didn't get off the runway in time. That made us circle around for 10 minutes before landing. When the plane finally docked at the gate, everyone got out of our seats to begin disembarking... only to sit down again by order of three cops who boarded the plane. They had a warrant and arrested some lady sitting two seats behind me. Crazy eh?

Congrads to the Stillers and Cardinals for making it to the Super Bowl... and remember the King! The Dream is slowly coming into focus!