Went cycling even though it was around 20° out, didn't dress warm enough. Came back shuddering so I nuked some milk in the microwave and rummaged through the fridge for some chocolate to make a submarino.

Came upon a block of choclate molded into an unlicensed image of Optimus Prime (purchased in Bariloche) so I thought I'd recreate a scene that didn't really happen in the animated movie from the 80s. Guess it's not really a recreation then... anyway, near the end of the movie when the setting takes place inside Unicron's body, you see helpless robots being dumped into this acidic vat which I assume is how Unicron produces energy.

Optimus Prime met his end in the beginning of the movie so he was spared the acid bath. But in my recreation, the acid bath is replaced with warm milk... I should have played the soundtrack in the background.