I've been on a roll recently with these typography related posts. With my lack of training and trepidation in this area, I've largely ignored reading up on it and implementing text-heavy designs until recently. I don't know what will replace the Web2.0 look, but I find myself increasingly fascinated with text-heavy sites that forgo the usage of images in its design. Though it'll still be a number of years until the CSS3 standard is nailed down and adopted (hopefully without much deviation) by the various browsers, enterprising developers and designers have introduced a number of workarounds. If you want to start getting crazy with typography, check out this guest post by Juul Coolen on WebDesignerWall, Fonts and the Web.

In case you didn't notice, the screenshot above shows some of Vista's awful ClearType anti-aliasing. It's apparently a known issue that Jon Tan recently touched on in his blog. So... much... to read and digest.