On Christmas Day I was watching CNBC (of all channels to watch on a day the U.S. markets are closed) which had a decent lineup of specials. One of them was a profile titled, Made in China, People's Republic of Profits. The most interesting part of the show? Their coverage of Yum! Brand's Chinese fast food chain... that made its debut in China. Called Dong Fang Ji Bai 东方既白 (East Dawning). It's nothing like the Panda Express stuff that comes to mind. It's similar to the Japanese fast food chains like Yoshinoya. Would love to try it out if and when I go to China again. I know the rich have adopted golfing, but how about skiing? Let's put some more money into those slopes!

In addition to finishing up some identity work for Qi, I went through my Google Reader to try to get the unread count down to a more manageable level. Some of the interesting things I came across were blog posts looking into the various logos for movie production companies (never occured to me just how great most of the movie studio logos were), automotive companies (will Jake and I ever get AutoDestination off the ground?) and tech companies (which was the least interesting).

Did you know that Columbia is the female personification of America? Or that the MGM was given the Lion mascot because its studio publicist graduated from Columbia University? Interesting stuff! Not useful, but interesting...

Last but not least, a quick look at 100 branding agencies' logos.