This will sound blasphemous to many of you, but I'm getting sick of the Beatles. I spend my days at the TriBeCa B&N because I love the location, people and the abundance of AC outlets. But they really need to add some diversity to their playlist. I'm rocking headphones, but between tracks or when I have the music on pause for various reasons I can hear the Beatles tracks sneaking through and I just want to torpedo a yellow submarine.

While perusing my Twitter feed via twhirl (fan of Adobe Air, can't wait till one of the Google Reader apps mature), I came across an unofficial music video for Jay-Z's new track, Brooklyn (Go Hard), on Jason Calacanis' feed. Not digging the rasta flow and as a Brooklyn anthem, well Jay-Z has done quite a few.

Anyway, what I'm really a fan of is the unofficial music video by Evan Roth (also an architecture grad) for It would have been nice if he used more than just "Brooklyn" to create the images but I can deal. When they spell out BR O OK LY N, it totally reminds me of Sesame Street's Letter of the Day... More of Evan's typographic illustrations can be found here.