I've never seriously diagnosed it but I might have internet addiction. There's just too much info in the world and like Pokemon's "Gotta Catch 'Em All" tagline (I do not watch Pokemon) there's a need to read everything out there. I don't like not being on top of things and unfortunately there's only so much time you have in a day to go through all your feeds, especially gadget feeds which occupies a large portion of them.

At last count there are 130 feeds in my Google Reader and that is after I already pruned the list for the second time earlier in the summer. I don't bother with large sites that may have multiple columns and feeds, among them are news sites like the NY Times or CNET. My trust is in fellow bloggers and I rely on them to weed out what's relevant and at times to dig up the really important news. Best of all? Most of the bloggers I follow will translate why a certain event, gadget or startup should be important to me. Only after they've vetted a news item will I then click through to the original source like the NY Times to get the 'facts' (which I hardly do).

I don't really read comics or play games any more so the first thing that I axed was my gaming category (never had a comics category). Sure I still have magazine subscriptions to a variety of gaming mags, I figure that'll be enough and plenty of my friends are hardcore gamers anyway, they'll keep me in the loop on the really important stuff. I also axed my finance category. Since I'm not longer in the industry there was just too much information coming through given the recent economic turmoil. Think I'll be given enough exposure to the topic through my WSJ subscription and all the other non-finance blogs that keep touching on market events.

For the last few months, my Brooklyn (even though most of the AY hoopla has died down) and Automotive categories have been stuck at 1000+. Even my Architecture category is nearing that limit. Will they be getting the axe soon?

And for the most part that's why I think I may have an addiction. I'm constantly trying to catch up to all my feeds. The last time I really felt clean and unplugged was during my one week hike to Machu Picchu. I'm sure that if I had a portable energy supply and a connection I would've attempted to bring the laptop with me. Even if I'm reading a book, watching TV or at B&N reading a magazine, I'll glance at my phone every five minutes to knock out a couple of posts. It's sickening... you know those commercials of guys checking fantasy football during a wedding? I'll be checking feeds...

Another issue with the addiction? It's almost a continuation of my architecture education. Back then we were called jack of all trades, master of none. The same applies now. I have a good general idea of a lot of things and how they all can possibly mix, but in depth vertical knowledge on one topic? I'd be lost...

Overwhelmed with all the information out on the web. Gotta read'em all!