Lesterhead of the ClintonHillBlog got to our neighborhood polling station about an hour before Natisha and I got there and was greeted with a line snaking down Waverly Avenue (probably because they weren't open yet).

When we got there at a little past 7:30am, there was some confusion as to where we were supposed to line up. After getting to the front of our second line an hour or so later, we realized we were on the wrong line (for ED 57 instead of ED 21, good job Natisha). Fortunately they told us to skip the other line and go straight to the front to register for ED21. At that time we were able to grab Terry from the back of the line and have him vote with us. All in all, a painless experience, though the 75 minutes it took us was definitely way more than the 15 min. or so from the last election.

After I got home, a Land Rover pulled up outside my building and was blasting the song you see above... thought I'd share.

Did you Tweet your vote?