Splendid... SPLENDID!Remember the Bearded Cap by Vík Prjónsdóttir I featured two months ago? My sister surprised me earlier in the evening with a belated Christmas gift.

I sort of ruined the surprise. She left the Scandanavian Grace website up on my laptop at home along with the MTA website. When I got home and saw that she had gone to Williamsburgh, I promptly called her to ask her to track down the Bearded Cap for me. Fortunately she hung up on me because if she had told me the price I would have walked away from the cap.

Still, as a gift it %)$ rocks. I need the weather to get cold again quick so I can rock it. Like how the courtyard light from outside looks like a light bulb going off atop my head. Dig the scroll bar scarf?

I mentioned before I wanted to get into knitting. Susan bought me a set (need to pick it up from her) and Christine linked me to this cool Mohawk hat. Looks like a fine start point for my Spartan helmet.

Update: Check out this Mario Scarf. It's hefty at $150, I'll consider it if it gives me invincibility or doubles my size every time I touch a star or mushroom. Curious as to why there are no Fire Flowers.

In my hands, one of three Calvin and Hobbes volumes by Bill Watterson. Never gets old! I have three fine links for you C&H fans. First one up, his commencement address at his alma mater, Kenyon College shedding some light on his college days. The next two are somewhat similar, they both link to non-C&H work by Bill Watterson. Rare Bill Watterson art and Bill Watterson's RAREST.

Splendid! SPLENDID!

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At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

c&h anthology...thumbs up.
bearded hat...interesting.


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