LHS Lancers Weight Room Mural

Here's a snippet of an earlier conversation regarding my high school 10-year reunion, due to occur... next year. Mark was the left tackle on offense so we played next to each other for three years on the Lancers football team until I decided to quit and focus on wrestling during my senior year. Those were some fun times, cracking jokes to pass the time during practices... and to take our mind off the freezing cold at times.

In 1999 (yeah that long ago) we got out of graduation practice in the sweltering gym by agreeing to paint the mural up above in the new weight room (still one of the best weight rooms I've ever used). Also pictured is Coach Tracy (football), Coach Keenan (wrestling), and Coach Purdy (strength-training).

3:35 PM Mark: yoooo
me: DAWG
Mark: did u get ur ten year reunion thing?
me: NO
3:36 PM LHS doesn't love me
my god... it's been 10 years
i'm still a bum

deleted text
3:58 PM me: hmmm
it'll be interesting man
maybe we should go in costume
really throw people off
so Darren what have you been up to? what do you do?
and i'll be like... uh can't you tell?
i'm a super hero
i save lives
what do YOU do?
ill come as a ninja
so mark
you're looking good
what do u do now?
"isnt it obvious, i kill *beep*"
me: LOL
4:01 PM
me: do they bring kids?
Mark: i guess you can?
me: man i can't wait to see people's children
that'd be so awesome
4:02 PM Mark: i know right
me: i'll come in as a sex offender
me: *registered
Mark: so darren, what do u do?
not much, are those ur kids?
yes... so what do u do?
ur kids
4:03 PM me: LOL

Hehe, fun times.