Since returning from Japan, I've been meticulously going through my backlog of magazines in an effort to catch up on all that I missed while away. This morning I came across a Wired article, It's a Wrap! Ernie Cline Has Written the Ultimate Star Wars Fan Movie, published back in March. What caught my attention wasn't the main topic regarding the movie Fanboys, instead it was the brief mention of Ernie Cline's dabble in Spoken Word.

I don't know much about Spoken Word / Poetry Slam but of the few times I've been exposed to it, it was an enjoyable experience. My initial exposure to the art occurred in the fall of 2002 when Hype and Tiggs (from what I remember) got on stage at the inaugural Culture Night Show for a brief reading. At the end of that semester, Elmo, Chewy and a few others convinced me to check out the Def Poetry Jam on Broadway production. It was pretty cool that we got to mingle with the poets afterward... that is until Chewy mistakenly inferred that Beau was gay because of his pink sweater and his flamboyant (and awesome) performance on stage, might have ticked him off outside the theater. Most recently, Beau Sia put on yet another amazing performance at the Rebuilding the Bridge charity event in July at Pace University. Seriously, check it out! He can toprock too.

The topic of all the pieces I've heard usually centered around the Asian American's place in U.S. society and other social struggles. For me personally, I have to sort of be in the right state of mind in order to be receptive to such topics. Not with geeky topics though. So when I read that Ernie Cline's Spoken Word covered all things geek, I immediately surfed over to his site to check out the tracks. Interested? You should be!