Earlier in October I finally got a chance to step inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I passed by the fortress-like compound frequently growing up in nearby Fort Greene and was always curious as to what it looked like behind the wall and vines.

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As part of BNYA's Open Studios event I got to roam around freely and was very disappointed that I didn't bring my camera (was traveling by bike so I wanted to keep things light). The abandoned buildings and cranes coupled with the renovated industrial buildings make for some great photographs. Most of the other visitors were carrying cameras but a search on Flickr didn't turn up much. For you photographers, sign up for one of these upcoming tours (11/2, 12/7) to get your shots in.

By closing I was able to hit up 3/4 of the studios on the list. Saw plenty of awesome stuff but the one artist that stood out the most was Michelle Greene. Why? Because I was already familiar with one of her pieces, the Rail Rider's Throne at the 116th Street stop on the 1 line. We had a lengthy discussion about the CityRacks Design Competition since she designed some bicycle racks for the Navy Yard but didn't participate in the competition.

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