The Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Guggenheim didn't really make me appreciate her work more, in fact it just made me realize I didn't like any of her pieces other than Maman. After walking the Guggenheim's ramp, I understood where Maman fit into her overall output, it's obvious now that the spider wasn't the focal point. Instead, the eggs housed in the underside of the spiders are the real draw. Other than the Maman sculpture, the only other pieces that caught my attention were related to Maman; crude drawings of the spider and there was also one small Maman sculpture, no more than a foot in length located in one of her 'cell' installations. Wish they mass produced and sold those, but then I guess it wouldn't be art anymore.

There doesn't seem to be a definitive list of all the Maman sculptures around the world. There's the first one I saw in Roppongi Hills, the two in Insadong, a medium sized Maman in D.C., and now another size medium at the Guggenheim (there until the end of the week). If this isn't enough of a Maman fix, take a gander at the Flickr Pool.

Not enough Maman for you? Check out this great animated short by Juan Delcan, Director at Nola Pictures. The poem is “The Spider” by Gabor Barabas, inspired by Louise Bourgeois' work.