The Wario Land Wii ad made its way through the blogosphere earlier in the week but since I'm not a huge gamer I never bothered reading past the title. Thankfully Elmo emailed a few of us about it and made us click through to the actual page. So there I was watching the video expecting it to just be like all the other boring play through videos when at the 15 second mark the coins broke through the video pane and roused me out of my wide-eyed slumber.

It's really too bad they couldn't get all the Youtube functionality (comments, embed for the ad, not just the video, Favorites, etc.) working. Otherwise this would have been a home run. Odd to see a video with over 1.5 million views and just two comments right? Anyone know which agency came up with this brilliant idea and execution? Yes, the idea isn't new, but it fits so well with the game's concept, this is pretty much the Youtube ad all others must strive for now.

The ad was so good, I even clicked through to the game's site and stuck around for a while. It helps that the site is just as good with a great amount of interactivity and a short 'to-do' mission.