There hasn't been much to be happy about regarding Time Warner's cable and internet service. The cable feed constantly sputters and freezes throughout a program (guess they have bandwidth issues) and the internet service goes down more times than I care to remember. They recently raised the monthly charges and to top it off, they call my phone once every day to market their VOIP services. It never fails... I'll always receive a call from 1 (800) 361-1646 at the most inappropriate times. But until Verizon makes their FIOS service available at my residence, I'm stuck with them.

This morning while paying my bills I logged into Time Warner's Online Account Manager and was greeted with a totally new spiffed out site. I did a double take to make sure I didn't accidentally click on another tab. Everything is all neatly laid out, the whole process of paying your bills and navigating the account manager has been streamlined and they made good use of all the web2.0 tech you are sick of hearing about. All the heavy information regarding your statements is located on one page with collapsible divs... really good work. Paying bills suck, but at least I have something good to look at while doing so.

Even the Favicon has been modified to reflect the overall tone of the site. During a site's design phase, creating the Favicon and implementing it is probably my favorite part of the project because it signifies that the project is almost done and while it's very simple to create and implement, it really ties the entire site together for me. It's like the cherry on a sundae. Though I find the food colored preserved cherries doused in syrup a bit too gross to eat, it really pulls the presentation together nicely.

Update: Not fond of Time Warner Cable / Road Runner hijacking your browser's default 404 pages? You have the option of disabling it! Go to and choose “Disable” for the option labeled "Web Address Error Redirect Service: This preference allows you to opt in or out of Road Runner's non-existing domain landing service." Credit goes to Nate Ritter / Slashdot for posting up the instructions. Perhaps they should get the team behind the TW Online Account Manager to work some magic on it.