It was suppose to be an easy game for the Gents but you wouldn't have believed it with our secondary making Palmer look like the #1 pick that he was back in 2003. Outside of preseason games, every Giants game I've attended has resulted in a loss, and yesterday in overtime when we punted at 4th and 1 at the NYG 44, I thought my awful luck was coming around again, propping up the Bengals.
  • vs. Steelers (2004 Week 15): Best game I have ever attended, Eli looked like the #1 pick that he was against a stellar Pittsburgh defense. Missed the opening kickoff return though...
  • vs. Panthers (2005 Post-Season): Next to the Redskins game below, this playoff game was so awful, Giants fans began turning on each other. With the fans largely out of the game by halftime, a couple of fights broke out among the frustrated fans in my section.
  • vs. Redskins (2007 Week 15): Shockey broke his leg in this one, could it get any worse? Thankfully no... I guess we hit rock bottom in this game before peaking to win the Super Bowl.
Anyway, aside from the woeful secondary and some miscues by Pierce in coverage, the line got plenty of sacks. Recalling the Murder She Wrote bit in Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show on Friday with Samuel L. Jackson, I wanted to scream out the line, "Has there been a murder?" after every sack but was too excited to remember.

After the long commute back into the city, I walked up to the Samsung Experience Store in the Time Warner Center to check out the Omnia which they didn't have. What they did have were plenty of LCDs so I stuck around and caught what was left of the Eagles game and the Saints game.

Jason Taylor's leg injury sounds like compartment syndrome, an injury I had back at CMU from playing football with the Alpha Class. I was out for an entire semester whereas Taylor is scheduled to make his return after missing only one game. Then again I'm no professional athlete and they had to remove a muscle from my leg too.