It's that time again!!! FOOTBALL SEASON!
Can you feel it? It's in the air... last week's Giants vs. Patriots preseason game was a snooze, but we did have fun doing the wave for a near record amount of times. The weekend's college games were great, sort of a continuation of last year with upsets sprinkled throughout. It's unfortunate that Beanie Wells was injured but I along with the rest of the Buckeyes nation hopes he'll be back in time for the USC game in two weeks. We need to make up for the last two Bowl losses and Beanie Wells is the man who's going to take us there.

For the working stiffs who need some unique football reading material, here's a quick run down on the college uniforms employed this year. Never really paid much attention to them until Nike teamed up with the Ducks two years ago to produce a mind boggling number of uniform options. 
  • While Colorado's shoulder dots are similar to the Ducks' shoulder pattern, it's a much better implementation, more a texture and less trying to be something it's not. 
  • Michigan's new road uniforms by Adidas are looking a little too much like WVU's... Rodriguez, let it go...
  • Cool, Southern Miss added decals to their facemasks. Now let's see if someone can actually add a nice color pattern or some other graphic on the facemasks.
Over on the NFL side, Hard Knocks has been a very entertaining series. I look forward to it as much as I do with Top Gear. Another unique article focusing on the craziest fans of each team. In the NFC East, I was introduced to Ms. Price via the Hard Knocks series, and there she is again in the article representing for the Cowboys. As for the Giants? Our most hardcore fan is pretty conservative, not sure if she still attends every game now that she's in CT.

Best of luck to Umenyiora in his recovery from the knee injury. Let's go Big Blue!!!

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