I gave up on my desktop a while back. At first I would only turn it on to get at the stuff on my stable of hard drives but as time went on, I found it easier to just find the stuff I needed over the web and download it again instead of firing up the desktop which I've been slowly cannibalizing for friends. I've been meaning to purchase a dock such as ThermalTake's BlacX but my external USB enclosure (without the cover) has been doing just fine, although it does look a bit messy.

Anyway, I thought the only way I would ever go back to a desktop would be 1) for a home server, 2) a media pc for the plasma but as of yet I haven't found the need for either. I've been doing fine shuttling movies and TV episodes via a USB thumb drive to my Philips DVP5982 DVD player which I purchased mainly because of its USB port and its ability to play almost every format you throw at it.

I don't know if the huge arc of Antec's Skeleton case is necessary, but it's definitely unique and got me all excited about desktops again when I first came across it. It's probably not very silent so it wouldn't work very well as a home theater pc, but if you give it just the right paint job, you could make it 'steam punk-ish'. That's in nowadays you know, heh.