My second season as a Seadog hasn't turned out the way I expected. I was looking forward to a continuation of my first season, but with half the veterans gone due to scheduling conflicts the group dynamics have altered significantly.

All season long, we dealt with empty seats during practice, unbalanced left and right sides and even a broken sweep oar attachment. Our captains constantly had to adjust our start to fit the capabilities of the crew and we never even settled on our race start until the week before the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York. Unlike the previous season where the team had the luxury of dealing with only three rookies, we couldn't afford to give half the boat the individual attention they needed to get up to speed.

So worrisome were we that several team members decided to hold midweek practices in an effort to improve our conditioning. Though I can't say the erg training did all that much for our cadence and syncronization, the new guys who came out definitely earned my respect. Even with a slower sprint stroke and race pace, we still did okay when race weekend came along.

With half a boat of rookies, we still managed to post our best finish ever, a 2nd place finish in the Advance Mixed 500m. A distance we usually do poorly in because our team is known more for our sprint starts than endurance. But with the ecstasy of Saturday, came the disappointment of Sunday where we failed for the first time to place in the 250m, the Seadogs' bread and butter. Even with the disappointing finish in the 250m, our team ended up placing 3rd overall in the Advance division.

Now as we turn our attention to the 2nd Annual GWN Challenge at Lake Mercer, Princeton, New Jersey we are looking for additional teammates to fill our expanded roster. We've got big things planned for the race in dirty Jersey and we need your help! I already roped in Jonlin and my brother Wilson, but we need a few females as well. You'll only need to commit to the five water practices (held on Saturday mornings, except Labor Day Weekend) and the actual race itself on September 20th. Interested? You don't have to be a crazy athlete. Half the guys on the team smoke, some of them come to practice hungover from the night before. You just have to be able to get it done on the boat. It's fun... trust me...

Oh and let's not forget to thank our sponsor, Syngent.

Additional Photos:
Race Weekend (Andru Lim)
Race Weekend Flickr (Cindy)
Race Weekend FB (Cindy)
Race Weekend (Dennis)
Race Weekend (Andy)
Erg Training in Columbus Park (Andy)
Practice (Andy)