Last night while watching the Olympics, I caught Two Worlds, one of United's new animated spots for the Beijing Olympics (see the embedded video). A brief search turned up a treasure trove of information on a familiar blog, Cartoon Brew. I don't think the new spots are as good as the Dragon commercial released a few years back, but they are definitely better than most commercials out there.

Though their stock dropped a whopping 9.31% today (shockingly, it's not as bad as some of the other airlines) it's good to see that the company is still funneling money towards good advertising; even if their shareholders, employees and / or their customers feel the money could be better spent elsewhere. Check out all the spots via the Cartoon Brew blog post!


Another company with a decent Olympic presence is GE with its Cloud commercial by BBDO, loved the decent cover of John Fogerty's "Have You Ever seen the rain". Though I can't find much information about their Olympics campaign, I did find a bunch of their other commercials and print media on the GE website. Check out the Crane commercial, baby turtles make a guest appearance!