Williamsburgh Savings Bank / One Hanson Place
As a child growing up in Fort Greene I always walked to Dekalb Avenue to take the Q or B there, not knowing that a few blocks closer underneath the tallest building in Brooklyn, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank or One Hanson Place as it is known now, sat the third largest transit hub in the city.

Since moving back into the area, that building and it's surrounding area has been under constant construction. And though the clock at the top of One Hanson Place was refurbished recently, it seems to go wonky now more than it has in the past. One imagines a myriad of giant gears turning every which way, connecting the four clocks together to a single timing mechanism. Unfortunately, as you will see from the article linked above, that's not the case.

Along with the many water towers in the city (acting as storage), the top of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank would make the perfect lair for a Brooklyn-based superhero. I'm not the only one with that idea, a VP at the Corcoran Group also had a fairly developed superhero based out of the clock tower (complete with names, supporting cast and an archenemy) a few years ago.

But what's going on with the gorgeous retail space at the bottom of One Hanson Place? Ever since Borders pulled out last year due to the company's retrenchment, the $3 million turned $2 million rental is still looking for suitors. Apple, Microsoft, Sony have all been named as potential suitors but I'd love to see a Borders or Barnes and Noble in there. Instead of traveling to Warren Street in lower Manhattan for my Barnes and Noble needs (better layout than the Court Street location, and I haven't paid a visit to the Park Slope location yet) it'd be nice to just walk over.

Atlantic Yards
Not much happening there except frequent updates on protests and demolition work. In early May, they did release an updated design which made the entire thing look uglier than before. Fortunately, the scale, especially the height of the project has been lowered.

The Barclays Center / Nets Arena? If we are lucky, it'll open in 2011. But don't bet on it.

New York Magazine and Brownstoner
In May, soon after I got back from Japan, I was walking through B&N when the orange cover of a magazine caught my eye. I usually don't read New York Magazine, but upon closer inspection, the featured article was on a blog I read regularly, Brownstoner. If it's too long for you, take a look at the illustrations at the very least. Drawn by Zohar Lazar, the illustrations pay homage to Dr. Seuss.

Following two items don't have much to do with Brooklyn, but I figured they were interesting enough to share. Cows point north, I can move on with my life now. And... rather than walking around my apartment with the mini-vac in hand (I'm anal about hair and dust) I should just buy these slippers and... move the hair and dust around haha.