Pecha Kucha Night #51, mentioned in the previous post, was the first event I attended upon my return from Korea. Even though each presenter was limited to the 20x20 format, it turned out to be a long night. The heat and crowd didn't help much either, especially the two Japanese guys next to me who insisted on talking whenever a presentation was going on. In America I wouldn't have been bothered as much because we are all barbarians, but in the land of perfect social etiquette, I wanted to wring their necks. You can't use the phone on the trains yet these two knuckleheads deemed it perfectly okay to hold a conversation during someone else's presentation.

Ian Lynam
Since the list is so long, I'm going to showcase a few of the presentations that I thought was interesting. First up is Ian Lynam of Ian Lynam Creative Direction and Design (what a mouthful). He's done a lot of work for Nike and was the guy behind the Men in Black 2 movie posters. His connection to Pecha Kucha? He designed their book, Pecha Kucha Night: A Celebration. In my notes I wrote something about typography, but can't seem to find anything striking in his typography section...

Fly Pitcher
Their website sucks and hasn't been updated so don't bother. What do I like about Piers Mansfield-Scaddan's (creative director) work? His use of Corian and Kevlar. Since Fly Pitcher's site sucks, you are better off viewing Candelabra over at Dezeen, the Maximin carbon chair at Moco Loco and the Vector Chaise at Design Boom. Chairs any F1 enthusiast would like...

Miren Marañón
Her claim to fame is the work she produced for Pan's Labyrinth. Sculptures and paintings, her site doesn't show much though...

Max Hattler

Collision (by Max Hattler) - in HD quality from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
He showed his Collision film, "Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection." Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to these abstract works, a little trippy for my tastes but I thought it was interesting... you might too.

Jonathan Barnbrook
This was the guy who created the corporate ID for Roppongi Hills. I know, you think he's a failure, but his concept wasn't bad! It's just too bad the final execution was a dud. What really turned it around was his North Korea 2.0 work. I was cracking up when he showed the KFC mashup. He didn't show Corporate Fascist at PKN, but thought it was worthy to mention here.