The first day of Terry's return was spent in the Northeast quadrant of Tokyo. We walked through Ueno Park along a path similar to the one Kevin took Amy on. Unfortunately it was in the middle of the week so none of the food vendors were out; no Hello Kitty / Xiao Ding Dong egg cakes on this day.

After circling the park we decided to head back towards the train station and walk through Ameyoko Street. Since we were here, I figured I'd introduce Terry to Kev's heartbreaker at Murasaki Sports. We didn't find her on the top floor where the snowboard equipment was, but ended up running into her on the next floor down while searching for the men's room. Seeing her arm in a sling, thoughts of her spinning's 7's off a kicker and crashing into the snow went through my mind. When we got back to Kevin's place we told him about her condition and encouraged him to send some flowers or a get-well package. No dice, guess the PCTM wasn't strong enough.

The afternoon was spent in Akihabara; armed with a vague idea of where two of the stores we wanted to see were located, we strolled through the neighborhood peeking into every store we walked by. We found the first toy store, Asobit Chara City, without much fuss, the ground floor clearly reflected the contents within but the Final Fantasy Masterpiece Judge Gabranth figure Terry was seeking proved elusive. By the end of our hunt, three of the four stores that had it on display were out of stock. Ended up not buying it anyway since it was available in the states at a lower price.

Super Potato
Super Potato, our most crucial destination in Akihabara, was almost as elusive as the Judge Garanth figure. It was supposed to be located diagonally across from Asobit Chara City, yet we couldn't find it during the three or four times we walked up and down the street. After giving up, we were walking away down the street perpendicular to it when Terry paused and looked back. He heard 8-bit music coming from the direction we came from and when he looked up he finally saw Super Potato.

I'm glad Terry was so adamant about finding this store. It turned out to be my favorite store in Akihabara, hell it's probably my favorite store in all of Japan. Stepping into the first of three floors was akin to being pulled back into that cold but cozy living room on Fulton Street. I received my first console, the NES there along with Spy Hunter. Memories of playing Super Mario Bros on the hot summer days at my cousin's house also surfaced. We used to jam the cartridges into the air conditioner vent, so when one game went on the fritz, we would just take another and insert it into the NES.

There were plenty of opportunities to play games for free on the first two floors, they had consoles connected to small CRTs (to keep the experience as authentic as possible) with multiple games available for play, but most visitors congregated on the top floor where a number of old arcade machines were available for a small fee. In addition to all the old game consoles and cartridges, Super Potato stocked some plush toys and had on hand a few large statues of a Gameboy, Mario, and Solid Snake. Photos will probably explain the place better than I can.

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