New York Giants: Super Bowl XLII Champions
Strahan and the NY Giants win the Superbowl!

Mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. Whether that is due to the two long days of riding so far, or the exceptional win by the Giants in Super Bowl 42, I can't decide. Jasko and I rocked our Giants jerseys all day on the slopes. Between the two of us, we had the defensive ends fully represented, Umenyiora for him, and Strahan for me. At one point, some Patriots fan rode by screaming at us. Can't believe he had the gall to root for a team he wasn't even representing. Didn't see him rocking any Patriots gear on the slopes.

The majority of our group called it quits on the slopes at noon to secure seating at one of the bars in Whistler Village. The Pei brothers and I decided to lap the small terrain park as many times as we could before heading down to our slope side house to change for the game. Ended up at Dubhlinn Gate seated right in front of a large table of Patriots fans. One of the females was rocking a 'Perfect' t-shirt. Looks like she's a liar, better burn that shirt woman. At halftime we ran into the rest of the people staying at our house and hiked it up to the house to watch the second half there.

If you for some crazy reason didn't watch the game, you can read about it on ESPN. Steve Spagnuolo is a defensive genius, though the talent he has to work with isn't bad at all (except the secondary at times). I hope the Redskins don't take him, but if they do, no hard feelings, he deserves a head coach position. I just wish he'd stick around until Coughlin retires. Lord knows I don't want Gilbride anywhere near the head coach position. Caused me enough heartache as the offensive coordinator. After Plaxico's TD, we were celebrating so hard, Jasko lost his beer (fell under the fireplace) and I almost crushed my glasses when Jonlin or Beeker knocked them off my face. Damn, that drive was insane!

Most of the guys chilled outside, smoking celebratory cigars while I watched the trophy and MVP presentation. Almost teared up when Plax started crying during the postgame interview. Afterward, Jasko and I decided to conduct a victory lap on the slopes and in Whistler village. We climbed back onto the pitch black trail and rode down to the village, it was freaking surreal not being able to see or feel the speed, but knowing that you were definitely moving. Too bad we didn't see any of the Patriots fans walking around. Guess they went home to burn their Perfect / 19-0 t-shirts.

Congratulations New York Giants! And to all the fans!

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rockin! kickin ass, takin names!! =D


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