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How sick is that shot from Mt. Baker up there? We are getting similar snow up here in Whistler. But the jacket is the sickest thing, the black and white dots are crazy trippy. Need more snowboarding related reading? Check out Snow Broader to see all the products coming out next year.

Carnegie Mellon made it onto Core77. Ironically it wasn't the work of a CFA student that caught their attention.

Another article on some developments coming out of Carnegie Mellon. This time some 'smart' LEGO. Guess those Clay-Mation animators can put their skills to work on some CGI films. Perhaps a return of Celebrity Deathmatch? If they ever figure out a way to shrink it all the way down, imagine embedding clay particles with this tech? Those car clay modelers could have their work in digital form without any scanning!

Fredrikson Stallard: Check out the following vases: Dragon, Bolt and Ming #2 and the Chandelier #1.

BIC pen drawings by Juan Francisco, incredibly skilled, photo-realistic.

Chung Dha Lam's exploration in animated business cards are producing some crude but very cool results. Where have I seen this stuff before? Probably some cereal insert eh?