Resonate Ink Illustrations by Si Scott, and other tidbits
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Si Scott's Resonate ink illustrations are filled with swirly goodness. And get this, he does it all by hand! I wouldn't even be able to pull this off in Illustrator which is much more forgiving. It's rare that I devote so much space / bandwidth to one image in an entry, but I'm so infatuated with the work that I am demanding all of you to check the site and look at the other work in the Resonate series. Interested in a print? Checked with Soma Gallery, no luck. If you don't read anything else in this post, please go and check out his site.

Hand knit silk / wool biology frog. Seems like knitters these days are having a lot of fun with their craft. As you can probably tell from my previous posts I intend to join in.

Wonder if Drawn ever thought of this concept, Artist A Day, simple site showcasing one artist per day. It would be nice if they had thumbnails next to each artist on the list (from the previous days). Lot of painters... didn't see anything too interesting so far.

Mozilla hires developers from Humanized, great. Now that you have some UI experts on board, and have proven that you can return FireFox to v.1 speeds (v.2 was so damn sluggish), could you please make v.30b2 not crash as often in Vista? Or is it Vista's fault? I'm assuming it is...

Humanflows by Miguel Cabanzo is a project that intends to visually map global migration year by year. The prototypes give an example of migration taking place starting in 1991 based on two factors so far. I'm impressed that they were able to track down the data behind the numbers and organize them into such a simple interface. Two things that came to mind, wish there was a graphical representation of how many individuals immigrated into a certain country rather than having a bunch of numbers count up. How about heat maps, higher the number of immigrants, the brighter a country gets? The other thing that I was looking for which is probably more dependent on the data than the interface... was the preference of the Chinese. Would have been nice to see if the Southerners preferred America or if the Northerners preferred Australia, etc. Currently, all emigration sprouts from the label of the country, guess it would have been too unwieldy to zero in on the exact regions or cities. Whether or not you are interested in the data, watching the prototypes is pretty mesmerizing.

Vinny forwarded this list of 10 underhyped webapps a few days ago. Quick notes on the list. Qipit, sounds great, wish my phone's camera was better, going to save that for my visits to B&N =T. Think lighting is always an issue. Ning, heard about it before, not for me, Facebook is enough. Jott, know some people would love using this app, I just hate talking in general so it's quicker for me to email / text myself on my phone, besides I keep everything on Netvibe's Webnote. Anywhere.FM sounds awesome, I just need to set aside some time and bandwidth to upload my harder to find songs. I'm assuming I'll be able to share my music? Sorta like Shoutcast but without the damage to my bandwidth since everything is stored on Anywhere.FM's servers. Doodle, is this incorporated into Evite? Need to remember to use this next time we set up some event that requires consensus building for the date. Netvibes, they should make me Chief Evangelist. I've been banging the tables (or my buddylists rather) extolling the features of Netvibes. My main draw? Speedily checking all my POP3 email accounts at a glance. Previous start-up pages never stuck, this one has been on my first tab ever since I discovered it, I <3 features ="T." href="http://speedracerthemovie.warnerbros.com/">Speed Racer, trailer is out. I'm not really digging it. There was such a big deal made about the new camera developed for the movie (keeping everything in focus, just like a cartoon) but I guess it's one of those things that was cool in the mind, but not when executed.

Supermandolini, a pin celebrating the uber player. I'm assuming it's not officially licensed by Nintendo. Would go nice with an NES controller belt. I can think of a few individuals worthy of this pin...

On the subject of gaming, for a limited time, Steven Poole released his book, Trigger Happy, under a CC license. Grab it while you can! The PDF will is DRM free and will work on any device capable of reading PDFs. The book was originally released in 2000 and is about the aesthetics of video games.

Does free sound good to you? How about a few books by Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford law professor and the founder of Creative Commons. The Future of Ideas, Free Culture, Codev2.

While we are at it, this new site (to me anyway), PDF-Mags, collects over one-hundred
free PDF mag’s focusing on art, design, illustration and culture. Right up my alley! Oh if you want a free snowboarding magazine, check out ISM, it's flash based so it's not listed in the directory.

So much to read.

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