Quick hits: Wanted, Whale Hunt, Designers Accord
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Wanted, read about this movie a few months back in an issue of Wizard. At the time all the hoopla was about the Iron Man movie (aftermath from the fan trailer that was released at the Comic Con). I was amazed that even with a pretty star-studded cast, the Wanted movie still slipped under my radar. It was one of my favorite mini-series during college and as with most popular comics since the 90s, the series took forever to finish. I think the last issue of Wanted came out a full year after issue #5. Though the Fox character was based on Halle Barry (Catwoman), looks like she didn't get the call. Instead Angelina Jolie filled in beautifully, so badass. I was a bit peeved that the story line was modified, but after checking up on the movie's synopsis, looks like most of the original elements are still there, just not in your face. Excellent rework! Check out the trailer. (credit: Mass)

The Whale Hunt, a photography journal by Jonathan Harris. Beautiful photos and several amazing GUIs to view them with. The GUIs are so well thought out, they fade into the background focusing your attention on what Jonathan saw and felt during the nine days he spent with a family of Inupiat Eskimos in Alaska. Every five minutes, one photograph, or sometimes up to 37 were taken depending on Jonathan's heart rate. Incredible story telling... there's more to Alaska than just the stuff we saw in First Descent. Oh, Jonathan did in fact read Moby Dick (check his FAQs section). THIS IS A MUST SEE!

Designers go green... right that's old news. What's new is The Designers Accord. Looks like the designer's version of LEED accreditation but for firms rather than individual projects and without any accreditation. Okay, guess it's not like LEED at all =T.

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