Killington Group Shot 2008 / 1 / 20
I'm completely brain dead at work right now, barely functional. I'm assuming Retardo is much the same way, except he got even less sleep than I did and he's working with sharp objects. As for everyone else? I believe soreness is beginning to set in if it hasn't yet. It's a good pain though. Enjoy it.

Got home at 4am this morning after a surprisingly easy drive back from Killington thanks to Elmo, Splinter and Terry keeping me awake. The lack of power steering also kept me alert, especially during low speed - high angle turns. We left late (at around 11pm) along with Retardo's car because of the Giants game. A pound goes to Splinter for getting me to stay rather than listening to the game on the drive back. I'll save the Giants love fest for another post.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comFor a holiday weekend, I was expecting terrible lines which fortunately wasn't the case. The only time we experienced a semi-long line was the one time we tried to hit Ramshead on Saturday. It was pretty much dead on Sunday when we lapped the Timberline terrain park. Guess all the noobs that go riding on the holidays decided to stay in after a bruising first day on the slopes. Or maybe it was the Patriots game keeping them off the slopes? Retardo also found a nice tree run off the Timberline run for those of you who enjoy the glades, just watch out for that small creek towards the end of it.

On day two Chewy and some of the other guys came up with some narrative on the slopes. At one point he had Elmo and Michelle waltzing in the snow on a snowboard, interested in seeing how that turns out. There were a few other funny clips, especially the one with Elmo screaming before he went off the trail towards the trees. Update: Chewy posted up his Sundance film entry, Snow Waltz. Check it out!

All in all, it was a productive weekend. Everyone came away with some aspect of their riding improved, even the rookies caught the bug. I finally got the butters down, turns out I pretty much have to initiate from the nose of the board with a decent amount of speed to get the revolutions in. Inching ever closer to the 3's thanks to the excellent Park Crew at Ramshead.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comOff the slopes, the company was great. 18 riders in one house with two bathrooms. No issues at all which was amazing. Going to take this opportunity to thank Tomo, Janey and whoever else did the cooking. Hope you all enjoyed the submarinos even if they were a little burnt. Also got my first massage in a long time in the massage circle, that ended up turning into a back-cracking-fest where I applied the back-cracking-technique I learned from the Devlins to most of the riders in the house. Most memorable quote of the weekend? Courtesy of Shorti after I cracked her back. "It felt so good, I almost farted." Not sure if I laughed harder then or when we picked up Chewy for some crowd surfing which ended with Retardo violating him. Please see the photos from Tomo for a frame by frame documentation.

Props to Elmo for organizing and Chewy for hooking us up! Looking forward to President's Day Weekend.

Photos: Tomo, Elaine (or FB), Chewy, Splinter, Christine, Ranie