What Customer Service?
JVC: Our RX-D702B receiver (it's been pretty badass until recently) has been on the fritz since late summer. A tremendous amount of static is heard when surround sound is enabled. When it's disabled the static comes in infrequently through the front left speaker. At times it's gotten so bad I unwired that speaker too.

While the website lists the locations of several JVC Authorized repair centers in my area, I'm opting for the JVC Factory Service Center in Pine Brook, NJ after reading a fellow forum member's experience. 23 miles away and I need to figure out how to get there on a weekday between the hours of 9am - 5pm.

ALWAYS send your unit directly back to the factory for repairs. My local "JVC Authorized" shop was incompetent, untrained, and unable to make repairs on these newer digital pre-amp receivers. It took the local repair shop a few weeks to get the documentation they needed to work on the unit, and they never ended up being able to fix my problem.

JVC's factory was so much more helpful and fast at fixing my issue. I was given a direct phone number to the tech that was working on my unit, so I could "bother" him as they were testing my unit and replacing parts. They've had the unit for about 2 wks and were able to more properly diagnose and bench-test the unit before replacing some circuitry and then mailing it directly back to me. -Tubbytreats

Again, the website only listed the locations and a default umbrella number for all service inquiries (which never got me to a live person). In addition both service requests submitted via the JVC website have gone for three weeks unanswered. After trying several options on their phone support, I came across this email to submit requests to. I don't know if emails sent there will be answered customerrelations'at'jvc.com. After playing with the phone system a few more times, I finally got through to a human-manned line. I was on the queue for over 15 minutes, the system notifies you of how many people are ahead of you, I started out at #2. What does this mean? They probably only have ONE person fielding phone calls for service centers all over the U.S. ridiculous isn't it?

I'm just hoping the service will be better once I actually get the unit there.

Called up American Express (CitiBank) a while back to add my office address to the card. First guy put me on hold for a while and then hung up on me by accident. Second guy got my request in, but listening to his accent reminded me of the Cell Center Movie (the main actor is pretty good with his accents). Guess it may be irrelevant nowadays though, the AMEX / CitiBank reps didn't bother trying to disguise their accents. Watch the Call Center Movie linked above, it's hilarious!

MDP: In mid-October, the copyright compliance department at Veoh sent me a notice that the trailer I posted up of Picture This by MDP violated their TOS so they took down the video. WTF. I'm helping them advertise the movie and that's what they do? It's not my fault they are too ignorant to use proper streaming platforms. QuickTime is annoyingly massive and I don't think they set it right on their site so when you load the page, it automatically started downloading the video bogging down your connection. It's a TRAILER, don't you want it to be spread around in as many mediums on as many platforms as possible? The marketing geniuses at MDP need to get a clue. Anyway, I've heard mixed reviews about Picture This so my excitement to view it has already waned a bit.

Now that I think about it, my tales above aren't bad at all... you should read some of the stuff on Consumerist.

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