Stole that line from Core77's Hack2School. I just read some of their posts and it brought back a lot of great memories. Wish it was around when I was starting out in school. I left so many projects undocumented or just didn't know how to document them correctly. You spend a bajillion hours on a project, yet you can't take that one day to correctly set up the shots to record your portfolio pieces. In the back of my mind, I thought every successive project would get better and better so I wouldn't need my current project. I was so wrong, my two most memorable and exciting projects were museums in the second semester of first year and first semester of second year. I was in the zone...

But I digress, in my second semester in the 'Money' Studio, I was reading an issue of Metropolis that someone left in studio and came across an article on the just released Humanscale Freedom chair. That issue and subsequent issues were also littered with tons of Humanscale, Steelcase (man I love the Think chair), and of course, Herman Miller ads. I ripped out a Humanscale advertisement showing off the side profile of a Freedom chair with the headrest and pinned it to the wall behind my desk. That very day I made a promise to myself that I'd purchase that chair when feasible. At $800 - $1300, it's not a purchase to be taken likely.

Designed by Niels Diffrient, the Freedom chair and Steelcase's Leap chair were both introduced at around the same time in an attempt to piggyback and steal some of the Aeron chair's success. Additional information on Niels can be found here and here.

A month back (maybe longer) I finally got my hands on one. Though it wasn't a fully decked out chair with the headrest, I couldn't pass up the deal. Scouring Craigslist I finally snagged an almost new (legs and casters were still wrapped up) Humanscale Freedom chair for $220! Insane deal. I didn't need an office chair since I still had the $50 Staples chair, but really...

We also needed some office chairs at work so after missing out on some Think Chairs on eBay (I was instructed to keep the price as low as possible, but at the same time I didn't want to come back with offerings from Staples or OfficeMax), I went back to Craigslist and came upon a posting by Designer Seating. Went to their Brooklyn warehouse and picked up two Freedom Chairs for $375 each. They were in a little worse shape than my almost new Freedom at home but still a terrific deal at $375. The warehouse was interesting. I saw Aeron pieces stacked to the gills, tons of Leaps, a few Freedoms and hordes of other modern pieces (some real and many others imitations, I'm assuming all the Barcelonas were fakes). There was also one Knoll Life chair, but it had a blue backing, I was told to purchase all black chairs.

Anyway so that's my office chair story. If anyone is looking for an office chair I'm here to help! I didn't exactly get the chair of my dreams but my current situation will do. Next up? Eames Lounge Chair... I just need to find a really beat up one, I intend on replacing the leather anyway.

So I have my chair, need to find a suitable desk, any recommendations? It would be great if I was working in these types of environments, looks like fun huh? While we are on the subject of offices, check out this USB Putt Returner. I wonder if Corwin is going to get it for another SASI Putt Putt Challenge. Sure beats the USB Humping Dog.

New Humanscale Freedom Chair w/ Headrest on TwitpicUpdate (06/28/10): Purchased a new Humanscale Freedom chair WITH headrest off of Craigslist for $450 delivered! My office is getting decent chairs when we move down to Mountain View but I couldn't pass up on the deal. Finally, 11 years after I first laid eyes on the chair, I officially own the exact model I've always wanted!