New hobbies / addictions / money drains

Thinking about getting into knitting. That's right. Knitting. Came across this today and it looks like I'll be making a trip to Williamsburg. Scandanavian Grace located at 167 North 9th Street carries Vík Prjónsdóttir's products. Can someone teach me how to pronounce that? I wonder how much that Bearded Cap costs. It'll go great with the scrollbar scarf Jane got me last year.

Who else wants to take up knitting with me? I want to knit a fu-manchu version but the first thing I want to knit is a wool Spartan helmet! Not very functional but I think it would be pretty bad ass on the subways. Jane told me to watch the 'English knit' videos on Knitting Help.com but it would be much easier if I had a knitting partner to start out with.

In addition, with so many of my friends knee deep in photography I finally jumped in. A few months back, my father showed me the Sony A100 DSLR he purchased and I basically scoffed at him. I was pissed he didn't consult with me before making the purchase. Especially since I despise Sony so much (though I almost broke down and got the PS3, Gran Turismo is just around the corner). My dad does it all the time, especially with cell phones. Anyway, turns out he bought two of them for no good reason. My mother found the second one in one of the drawers at home so I promptly snatched it from her. It isn't that bad of a camera according to some of the established sites. It's too bad i won't be able to borrow any lenses from Zan, Boon or Teddy. Just for my records, two nice portfolio-like sites to browse through sometime in the future. Ellis Island Ghosts and Joe's NYC.

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i will be your knitting partner


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