Melting Pot Post (just catching up)

Catching up on the many 'draft' mode entries I have saved. But before I begin, a notice for all those versed in Photoshop, want to win some sweet Apple products? Enter this free contest (4 different contests requiring you to collage some photographs creatively, or naughtily for the first one round). The Crestock Photoshop Contest 2007, thanks Mike.

NYC Taxi logos, aren't they awful? We didn't need a logo then, we don't need one now. Especially if it's this crap coming from Smart Design. Obviously the city meddled with it too much and the designers at Smart Design succumbed to it. Manage your clients! This is why we need Garden in Transit. All those painted flowers on the hoods you see on cabs everywhere were painted on vinyl by school kids and applied by volunteers. If anyone wants to get a group together I'm down.

Redoing a crappy logo doesn't hurt, just respray/reapply on every single cab in town. No worries. But getting a tattoo you aren't happy about? The recourse isn't very simple, even with laser removal. So to properly assess a tattoo's application to your body why not overlay it onto a 3-D model of yourself and see how it works with the light. No way to see what the aging process does to it right now, maybe Zimmerman will consider it in the future. Check out Needled for more information on Loïc Zimmerman's work. Still think it's easier to just get the design done in henna before you make it permanent.

The Piracy Paradox, an interesting observation on how the fashion industry need copycats to induce obsolescence furthering the industry's growth. Credit goes to Elmo for forwarding that New Yorker article. Additional reading can be found on Christopher Sprigman's blog, one of two law professors who coined the term, Piracy Paradox.

Reebok, are they the vehicle Adidas will be using to out-Puma, Puma? Disregarding Nike's Transformers Air Trainers III and TakaraTomy's Prime and Megatron. Tugging at my nostalgic strings a set of five sneakers customized for each Lion making up Voltron have been designed and released to the public. I think the designs are awful but it's freaking VOLTRON! And it's freaking expensive... I'll be passing on this one.

Inside Adidas Factory: Some photos of an adidas factory, bandwidth exceeded right now for the photos so check back later. Apologize for not posting this when I found it...

What is working though is this quick page of some very cool business card designs. Have a look, it'll only take you a second for you to see where I steal my ideas from.

I love the UPS white board commercials. Do you? Read more about them at Slate. The guy featured in it is actually the creative director of the campaign, Andy Azula, not some actor or famous designer... way to pump up his resume.

The end of advertising as we know it. Yes IBM (IBM Institute for Business Value study), thanks for the notice... haven't read their paper yet but I'm assuming it's worth a read for all of you who are in the field. Going to try to get through their executive summary tonight, assuming its still in one piece, been sitting in my bag for a while.

Pattern Analysis of MegaMillions Lottery Numbers, I drop a buck every so often as long as the jackpot is over $50 million. Anything less is chump change =T. It's funny, in school you never really consider playing the lottery, it's such a waste of money. But the mentality changes once you start working, sure did when I started out as an intern... anyway the study won't really help but make sure you read up on the comments, the discussion had my mind spinning. All you math geeks must be loving this huh? I didn't understand a damn thing.

Designing FiringSquad’s Reference Home Theaters
, sure wish I had this when we were putting our setup together. Boatloads of information in one easy to understand article. So rather than trolling AVS Forum, do yourself and read this as a primer.

Terry thinks Goldman Sachs will eventually take over the world. Not as crazy as it sounds... hell I bet they would do far better in the White House than Bush and Cronies. Look what Bloomberg did for NYC! So now Goldman alumn, John Thain, has taken over at Merrill is it time to buy into Merrill? Here's an old feature written when Thain took the top job at NYSE. What did he say then and what was actually done? Call him Mr. Implementer...

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