Happy 25th birthday AutoCAD! That quote above belongs to Autodesk's former CEO Carol Bartz, and their anniversary actually occurred on Thursday so I'm a bit tardy with this post. Read more about it at Wired or at AutoDesk. My first experience with AutoCAD? The summer of 1998 when I interned for a small firm in NYC. The most exciting thing I worked on that summer (aside from stairs) were the placement of a few windows to frame views of the Manhattan Bridge. Fun...

At Carnegie Mellon, software wasn't really taught, it was expected that you spent the time to learn on your own. We did have Form-Z taught to us during our first year. Buggiest piece of crap I ever used. It was easier to pick up than 3DSMax or Maya, but I felt as if our entire class and those before and after us were just used to beta test the software. I hear the faculty dumped it and moved onto proper tools like Max. AutoCAD was offered as an elective.

Unlike other majors, rankings for Architecture schools are relatively hard to find. Here's a recent one from Architect Online. Interesting enough this is the first time I've ever visited the site so I wonder if it has a substantial audience. Sounds credible based on the types of people they polled, did not realize half the programs listed actually offer NAAB accredited programs. Virginia Polytechnic? I find it amazing that it beat out Princeton, Yale, UVA and Syracuse in the Graduate programs category.

Additional coverage on Carnegie Mellon's design programs can be found at BusinessWeek. A student / project from CM won a bronze IDEA award. I think architecture school would have been more interesting if we structured our studios around international competitions. I think we were allowed to enter one or two but they all seemed like they were completed outside of studio time. I remember seeing a lot of posters for competitions in Maggie Mo for the CD and ID majors.

John Maeda is wack (when it comes to architecture). In his blog, he defended Gehry! I'm not upset that he is defending Gehry, but he has the gall to compare a painting and a logo to a building. In essence we are supposed to look at a building, where one spends most of our waking hours, the same way we look at a painting or a logo Incredible.

Public Service Announcement (Public Transport Planning): Need to get from point A to B via public transportation? You now have three options. The trusted HopStop, the government's attempt, Trip Planner, and the newbie with a marketing budget (saw a commercial for this during a college game), Public Routes.