How the Other Half Lives: Blase Sunday
Two Sundays ago, my employer plucked me from my day of football (missed some spectacular catches by Randy Moss) to drive him and his friend up to Millbrook. There we lunched with a client, participated in 'beagling', visited his land and toured the client's abode. I wasn't too thrilled to be spending one of my days off (no comp day offered by the way) playing chauffeur, and beagling wasn't very exciting either. However what's done is done and so I share with you some photos from that day. You can view the entire set by clicking here.

Millbrook in itself isn't bad, but I would've preferred being up there with friends on a Saturday or on a Sunday not during the football season. I've been meaning to go back there to visit Innisfree Garden but the garden ended its season the day before.

Two members of the hunt. Believe the guy on the left is the Master and I wasn't sure what the lady's role was. The followers were to stay behind them at all times so that we don't interfere with the hounds.

Millbrook 010

The Huntsman and a portion of the pack. We participated on a bad day, the hounds didn't find a scent until an hour and a half in and by then my boss had quit because of his knee. Walking back towards the car I finally heard the hounds howling signaling that they picked up a scent.

Millbrook 025

Fellow followers looking and playing the part. Thrilling.

Millbrook 021

Back at the client's house, cool boots eh? Think they would be more fitting for a fox hunt.

Millbrook 109

Some of the cooler things I saw at the house, they sure don't make radiators like they used to. I love the one that looks like a CPU heatsink, both which serve to throw off heat.

Millbrook 144 Millbrook 126 Millbrook 092 Millbrook 057

Before swimming pools were popular with estate owners, the rich built nearby structures / gaming rooms that housed bowling lanes. Viewing the house from one such building.

Millbrook 162

Also on the property, a statue of some demon children. Interesting story, take a close look at the neck of the child on the right. At some point in the past vandals made off with the head so the artisan, rather than sculpting another head from scratch just took a cast of one of the two heads left and replicated it on to the body.

Millbrook 171

Another shot on the property, nothing special, just thought it looked nice. If you click on the link above to view the entire set, there's a smaller building on the property, sort of like an office / writers room. Wish I worked out of there.

Millbrook 125

Preparing to leave. The house was pretty unique, I guess you would call it a Victorian styled house. But it's really more of a Frankenstein product. The original owner purchased the land from a farmer, and on that land came a quaint one story farm house. Now obviously that wouldn't do for the wealthy so he had a tower added on the left side, the another added to the right. Finally an iron skeleton was built around the original farm house to support a second story connecting the two towers on top of the farm house. If you look at one of the interior shots you can see a steel column coming out of the wall painted white.

Millbrook 179
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