Fuck Frank Gehry

That's right, fuck Frank Gehry. Latest Gehry building to blow up in his face, MIT's Stata Center. Won't clients ever learn? Problems were prevalent on the Bilbao and Disney projects. I wonder what will turn up with Diller's IAC complex in Chelsea.

More of my Gehry bashing can be found here, here, here, here and... well I didn't really bash him in this post. Fuck Frank Gehry.

Update: Zan sent me this NY Times article covering the lawsuit. I don't know whether or not the authors have a relationship with Gehry or if they are just fans, but the tone seems so defensive compared to the original Boston Globe article.

“These things are complicated,” he said, “and they involved a lot of people, and you never quite know where they went wrong. A building goes together with seven billion pieces of connective tissue. The chances of it getting done ever without something colliding or some misstep are small.”

“I think the issues are fairly minor,” he added. “M.I.T. is after our insurance.”
Hmmm Gehry... if you can't execute, then don't make a half-assed attempt. I can dream up a floating building but if the technology or construction methods aren't proven then I'd design something to work around that. Besides it's not a construction issue, what the articles point out seems like design issues.


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Wow i used to defend architects in suits just like this. It would be cool to be knee deep in this one!

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