Fort Greene's Watch Owl
Watch Owl

Watch OwlIntroducing our Watch Owl, w00t!. My first vinyl wall art, going to find some more, this stuff can get addicting! Located right above our motion sensing light switch for the hallway. He's watching you... Want your very own? Get it at Etsy.

If you are unfamiliar with wall vinyl's, check out this blog post Engly sent me. It has examples from an assortment of wall vinyl sellers, my owl is featured in one of them too! Next up? Probably going for this Panda, and maybe some Space Invaders. Preventing myself from buying more t-shirts from Threadless, but it doesn't mean I can't dress up my walls now with Threadless inspired decals.

Out of the blue, thought this article, Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark's clock, was pretty awesome. Finally saw most of National Treasure a few weeks back and I thought it was great. Looking forward to the new one, though I'm not sure I'd go to the theaters to see it.

Nice photo-feature on the NY Times on the manhole covers of NYC. Check it out, From Ladles of Molten Metal. Unfortunately the NYC Sewer Cover Rug isn't a faithful reproduction, neglects the Made in India tag. Maybe I'll just go with the barcode doormat. You know how a lot of doormats have "Welcome" written on there somewhere? I want a custom Bah weep graaagnah wheep ni ni bong doormat...

On the topic of walls (well, my Gunmetal gray walls with white trim), looks like I was ahead of the curve! In the current issue of Metropolitan Home, they have a feature titled, Gray's Anatomy (how creative). Quoting two designers in there:

Gray is the new beige. It's a good color for a room with northern exposure, where the light is much cooler and diffused. -Philip Gorrivan, interior designer

Nothing is more sophisticated than gray walls with white trim. Gray has a crispness that you cannot get with yellow-based neutrals, and it's far more modern. - Kara Mann, interior designer

Though from all the photos in the feature, I'm assuming my Gunmetal gray is much too dark and not what they had in mind.


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